Fish Daily Charters Fishing Boat
Charters & FAQs
4,6, or 8, hour charters as well as long range and specialty trips up to six anglers

  • 4hr $800. * Most 4hr trips include fishing out front of key west reefs, key west harbor and other close areas that include a variety of different wrecks for snappers, groupers, sharks, yellowtails, amberjack, African pompano, barracuda, permit, and tarpon.

  • 6hr $1000. * This trip will include the availability to fish for all the same species but we are able to travel a little further to areas a little less populated where fishing is a little better for some of the offshore species like sailfish, tuna, wahoo dolphin (mahi mahi).

  • 8hr $1300. * One of my favorite trips, as we can do all the aforementioned and then some! Full day trips are almost limitless traveling up to 30 miles away from key west where we can go to some of the best fishing spots key west has to offer.

 *Long range trips and specialty trips - these trips add an additional $300 to $500 fuel surcharge on top of the above rates depending what fish you’re looking catch, where you’re wanting to fish.  Inquire.

Shrimp boats/gulf wreck/towers - the gulf waters have a large variety to offer from kingfish and tuna to large Goliath and sharks!
The shrimp boats need to leave the dock early as the shrimpers clean their trash at and just before sunrise, getting there early to get trash from the shrimpers to fish for the tunas and Bonita’s is key as while the shrimpers are cleaning their bi-catch it chums up the tunas and other fish
After the shrimp boats there is an exuberant number of gulf wrecks to fish as well navy communication towers, all these structures hold fish like cobias, snapper and grouper, Goliath groupers, sharks, African pompano, amberjack and permits and barracuda. *This trip adds an additional $300 fuel surcharge.

Dry Tortugas fishing - fishing the pristine and virgin Dry Tortuga waters which is 70 miles west of key west. The fishing is limitless with the speed equipped on Fish Daily Charters, we can be there in just an hour and half. Fishing is guaranteed to be non-stop and bound to send you home with a cooler full of fish and memories that’ll last a life time. We are also welcome to stop and walk around the park and check out a beautiful piece of history. Dry Tortugas is also home to one of the world’s largest marine bird sanctuaries in the world. *This trip adds an additional $500 fuel surcharge.

A 30% deposit is now required to hold your charter, you must digitally sign our form stating you understand and agree to our deposit, reservation, cancellation and weather policies.

A credit card is taken at time of reservation to reserve your charter, 
and 30% will be charged at that time to hold your charter date.

Cancellations made within 30 days of charter date are charged 20% of charter cost.
Cancellations made within 14 days of charter date are charged 50% of charter cost.
Cancellations before the day of charter and day of charter are charged the full charter cost.
No calls & no shows are charged the full charter cost.

Captain John may cancel any trip for weather or winds, and will provide the customer a full refund, or alternate date.

We Provide:

Bait & tackle
Ice & bottled water
Fishing Permits
Cooler for food and beverages
Cleaning of your catch

​Need something else to have a great fishing trip?  Ask.
You Should Bring:​

Polarized Sunglasses
Appropriate boating attire
Zip lock bags & coolers for your catch


What does the price include?
The price includes everything except a tip for the mate, which is a customary 15-20%.

How big is the boat?
34 feet LOA.

How many people can I bring on my charter?
Up to 6 anglers.
Can we extend our trip if we want to?
Yes, If another trip has not been booked for that same day.

Can we ship fish home?
Sure. We will cut the fish at the dock for no additional charge! I have a recommended shipper.

Can you help me sell my catch?
NO, that’s not legal. Get your catch cooked at a local restaurant and enjoy it, ship it home or give it away.

Do you guarantee fish?
We do our best and its rare that we come back from fishing with no fish, but we depend on mother nature and wild ocean fish, if they both cooperate we are successful.  

Do you have Air Conditioning?
No. We have a canvas in the center of the boat to keep you in the shade.

How far are you from my hotel?
Less than 2 miles if you're staying in Key West.
Key West is four miles long and about two miles wide at its widest, at about 8 sq. miles Key West is a small island.

How far is it to the fishing ground?
20-25 minutes, generally.

When is the best time to fish?
It's better to call me and let me know what you want to catch first. Then I can tell you when the best time to fish is.